United Katedom Part 9 & 10


Egos & Icons

GTMV Dream Machines

Them Heavy People - Revolver

Hounds Of Love - B.P.I.

Running Up That Hill - French Television

Kathy Lloyd - The First

The Dreaming - Disco Ring Italia

The Dreaming Interview - Whistle Test

The Wedding List - Prince's Trust

Be Kind To My Mistakes - Movie exerpt

This Woman's Work - from the "She's Having A Baby" Movie

Hounds Of Love Interview exerpt

Kate Fans - Ear Say

TV Times Awards

United Katedom 9+10


Annie Lennox - R.I.A

Juke Box Jury

Experiment iv - Wogan

Interview Nationwide

Night Flight - unedited

Wuthering Heights - T.o.t.P. 1978

The Kenny Everett Show

The Infant Kiss - Fan Video

The Pink Mules

Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake - Leo Sayer Show

King Of The Mountain - Channel 4 UK